Preliminary information

Customs reports, legalities, transports, insurances, special customs regimes, cost estimates

Selection of partner/manufacturer

Search and selection of manufacturers, suppliers, coordinators and partners.

International payments

Technical support in international payment operations

Selection of origin

Guidance on the suitability of countries of origin according to the nature of the product and the composition material.


Establishment of objectives

Timing of activities

Budget and resource allocation

Management, monitoring and control

Monitoring of operations

Support in the country of origin

Resource control: deadlines and costs

Quality control at origin

Product customisation

Adaptation of the product to the market (cultural particularities, technical specifications, approvals) in terms of product characteristics, presentation, composition, documents, manuals, language, etc

Product customisation with logos, corporate image, etc.


Procurement planning

Contracting of related services such as international transport, insurance, customs clearance, …

Relationship with suppliers to improve service

Security in international contracting
Avoiding conflicts

Applicable legislation, contracts and their clauses

Prior establishment of conditions, incoterms, deadlines, insurance, identification of goods, non-compliance, penalties, guarantees, warranties, retention of title, mediation, arbitration, etc.